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Contact-new.svg Nelly Lupasha Kalaba
Employer:Evelyn Hone
Other roles:Coordinator for motivation talks
Country:Zambia ZmFlag.gif
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Today is: 14, August 2022

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My profile


My names are Nelly K L Kalaba born in a family of Seven.Went to School in Chingola and got the highest education at the Coppebelt University in Kitwe.Iam married with one child.

My Work

Currently Iam at Evelyn Hone College working as Lecturer in Production and Operations Management Section, lecturing Mathematics and Statistics and Productivity methods.I enjoy the job and I take every challenge that i come across.

My Passion

I like reading,watching movies,travelling and making new friends.I also like to explore new ideas and Iam very eager to learn new things.

My expectation

This training workshop is therefore one thing that will build me further in as far as exploring new concepts and ideas.The reason for joining this workshop is to have access to technological tools and having free access to its contents.

My family

My family is hard working.Being a mother and worker, it is difficult to marry the two. Therefore,to balance the two i ensure that i devout my time on weekends to my family.I live to see that at home Iam a wife and not a Lecturer and with that my husband is happy with me as well as the whole family.