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Dear Friends.

I have deliberated my humble efforts towards not only sharing of my views, ideas and resources through this platform but also to enrich knowledge and hone my competencies.I am basically, a travel and tourism enthusiast,loves exploring destinations and harnessing knowledge,professionally,I am working in academics since December 2009.

About My work

The idea of my work is to create quality literature relating to the travel and tourism.

Tourism Industry- An Introduction

Tourism is a burgeonging industry contributing hughely to the coffers and economies of various developing and developed cities.

Elements of Tourism Industry

The Elements of Tourism Industry or to put it in simple words, the 4A's of the industry are: Accessibility: Broadly means Connectivity via Railways, Roadways, Airways or Waterways

Accommodation: Includes Hotels, Resorts, Inns, Dharamshalas, Chalets, Motels, Yatri Niwas and so like

Attraction: It could be broadly classified into Natural and Man-Made Attractions

Natural Attractions

  • Lakes, Rivers
  • Sea and Beaches
  • Mountains and Hills
  • National Parks and wildlife Sanctuaries etc.

Man Made Attractions

  • Museums, Havelis (may include Heritage Hotels as well), Forts , Palaces
  • Theme parks
  • Ethnic Villages
  • Shopping Hubs like Dubai

Amenities: These are those requisites of the tourism industry which plays a deciding role in determining the quality of destination or any tourism product. It may include

  • Money Exchange Units
  • Sanitation
  • Health Facilities
  • other Infrastructure

Tourism in India

India aptly refferd to a 'Land of all seasons' The rich biodiversity of the country suffice the needs of myriad of tourists irrespective of their origin,class,genre and ages. Incredible India official Website

Tourism Potentials in Various states of India

  1. Rajasthan RTDC
  2. Kerala God's own Country
  3. Uttarakhand Uttarakhand Tourism
  • Nainital and Precinct Regions
  • Rishikesh and Precinct regions

Importance of Human Resource in Tourism


Various Institutions/Organisations