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No. Resource Person Topics
1 Smita Shukla Meaning, nature, scope, significance and limitations of micro economics

Ceteris Paribus – use and significance

Concepts of costs: Money and real cost, Opportunity cost, Social cost, Private cost

Learning curve

2 Rajan Nandola Concept and types of equilibrium: stable, unstable, static and dynamic equilibrium – partial equilibrium and general equilibrium
3 K Venkateshwarlu Positive Economics and Normative Economics, Managerial Economics

Basic concepts – wealth, welfare and scarcity

Economies of scale – Economies of scope

4 Varsha Malwade Analysis of Equilibrium of a firm: TC-TR Approach - MC-MR Approach

Break-Even Analysis

5 Sanghmitra Mishra IC analysis Consumer’s Equilibrium

Monopoly: Features, Causes, types

Short-run Equilibrium of the Monopolist

6 Rekha Mahadeshwar Price effect, Income effect and substitution effect

Derivation of demand from Price Consumption Curve

7 Sujata Dhopte Hicksian Approach: Indifference curves – properties of Indifference Curve

Giffen’s paradox

8 Sadhana Phadnis Isoquants - iso-cost line - producer’s equilibrium

Perfect Competition: Features - Short-run Equilibrium of the Firm and Industry - Long Run Equilibrium of the Firm and Industry

9 S M Sawant Marshallian Approach: Equi-marginal utility

Law of demand- Determinants of demand

Consumer’s Surplus

Factor pricing

10 Jayasree V Law of variable proportions

Monopolistic Competition: Features, Equilibrium in the Short-run and Long-run – Wastages under Monopolistic Competition

11 Asha Gala Uses and Importance of Elasticity

Promotional elasticity of demand

12 Kavita Laghate Demand Forecasting
13 Meenakshi N Elasticity of demand and its measurement

Income- Cross elasticity of demand

Price elasticity

14 Aggie Menezes Meaning and importance of Capital Budgeting: Methods of Capital Budgeting: Pay Back Period [PBP]- Net Present Value [NPV]
15 Rajashree Pandit Derivation of long run cost curves

Concepts of revenue: Total Revenue, Average Revenue and Marginal Revenue – Relationship between TR, AR and MR under perfect and imperfect competition - AR, MR and elasticity

16 Ghorude & Gitte Basic tools of economic analysis (equations and functions, graphs and diagrams, slope and intercepts)

Discrimination Monopoly: Equilibrium under Discriminating Monopoly - Dumping

17 Rajalakshamy Oligopoly: Features of Oligopoly

Pricing Methods: Marginal Cost Pricing - Full Cost Pricing - Multi product pricing- Transfer Pricing

18 Rohini Kelkar Long-run Equilibrium of the Monopolist under Different Cost Conditions

Concept of production function: short run and long run - Cobb-Douglass production function

19 M Deshmukh& S M Patil Law of returns to scale

Limit Pricing: Bain’s Model

20 Rajani Mathur Objectives of the Firm
21 Asavari Bapat Limitations of Indifference Curve Analysis

Revealed Preference Hypothesis