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Assignment 1

1. Write the full form of the following:
(i) EBCDIC (ii) BASIC (iii) RAM (iv) CDROM (v)ALU

2. Which of the following cannot be used as file name in BASIC. Give reason.
(i) New (ii) Maxwell (iii) Quadratic (iv) 2chem (v) 123

3. Specify which of the following can be used as input, output, or both devices.
(i) Mouse (ii) Keyboard (iii) Monitor (iv) DVD (v) Printer (vi) Pen drive

4. Write commands for the execution of the following jobs on a computer in DOS.
(i) View all the files in C drive.

(ii) Making a copy of myfile1 as newfile and then deleting the file named myfile1.

5. (a) Write the following numbers in Scientific notations.
(i) –24689 (ii) 0.000789

(b) Express the following numbers as decimal numbers
(i) 1010 (ii) 1000110

(c) Express the following as BASIC expressions(i) x = n(x12-x1.x2)/2(a+b) (ii) V = nRT/(P + an2/ V2)+nb (1,1,2) 6. (a) When do underflow and overflow errors occur?

(b) Write a program in BASIC to find the number of times the letter i occurs in the following sentence: a stitch in time saves nine or
Write a program in BASIC to find the sum and the product of ten random numbers between 1 and 50.
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