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B.Sc. (Hons.)/II-(NS)
(Computers and their Applications to Chemistry)
House Examination-2010
Acharya Narendra Dev College

Time: 1Hour
Maximum Marks :25
  1. Write the full form of the following:

(i) ALU(ii) MOS(iii) PDF(iv) ASCII(v)BASIC


2 Which of the following cannot be used as file name in BASIC. Give reason.

(i) New(ii) Maxwell(iii) Boltzman1(iv) 12chem(v) hello


3 Write commands for the execution of the following jobs on a computer in DOS.

    1. Copying a file MYFILE.BAS from C drive to D drive as MYFILE2.BAS
    2. Viewing all the files in C drive together with their details, page wise.

4 Specify which of the following can be used as input or output or both devices?

    1. Scanner (ii) Keyboard (iii) Monitor (iv) DVD (v) Printer (vi) Hard disk

5 (a) Write the following numbers as normalized floating point numbers

(i) –24689(ii) 0.000789

(b) Express the following numbers as decimal numbers

(i)1010(ii) 1000110

(c) Express the following as BASIC expressions

(i) x3+Cax2 −(Ka +Ca.Kw)x +KaKw(ii) V = nRT/(P + an2/ V2)+nb


6 (a)Write a program in BASIC to find the sum of first N natural numbers and the sum of the square roots of first N natural numbers.

(b)Give the use of the following commands

(i)RND(ii) DIM