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I had the chance of participating at the workshop for University partners in Sri Lanka for content development using Open (Agricultural)Education resources at Colombo, Sri Lanka from Marcch 31st to April 03rd, 2008.

Housing and Feeding for Poultry


Modern strains of poultry have bread for high egg production and cannot withstand unfavorable conditions. Thus good housing and complete feeds are important to ensure maximum production Poultry of all types require housing that will protect them from the wind and rain, and from the effects of rapid changes in temperature. The house should be dry at all times and provide good ventilation coupled with freedom from draughts. All poultry brides' feeds are referred to as "Complete" feeds. They are designed to contain all the protein, energy, vitamin, mineral, and other nutrients necessary for proper bird growth, egg production and health. This session discuss how to optimize housing conditions and feeds to gain their maximum production.

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