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Early childhood

I a
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m named after my father's sister Sophia. I love the name Sophia because it means wisdom. I was born in Onyaanya in Oshikoto region. I started schooling at the age of 4 years. Since the school was 500 metre from our house when my sibling go to school, i always go after them and go in my sister's class and hide right at the back of the class. However when the teacher ask a question i was the first one to answer. Then the teacher have to ask who i was and ask how old i was? then, he always tell me to go and look after the chickens, but i never listened to him. The next day i will go to school again. Fortunately we moved as a family to Omuthiya- gwiipundi in Oshikoto region. My mother became a principal and she got tired of me always waking early to go to school and decided to enroll me.

I enjoyed going to school and when i have received a homework, i could not wait to ask my parents at home. When it comes to languages i could run to my father and when it comes to Mathematics and Physical Sciences i could run to my mother. I excelled such that my parents had no choice but to send me at Oshigambo High School(private school).