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  • Gain Achievement - To verbally name parts of a Waka.
  • Gain Merit - To verbally name parts of a Waka and describe their role.
  • Gain Excellence - Verbally name parts of Waka and describe in specific detail their role and function.

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  • Waka Ama
  • Terminology
  • Types of a Waka

Waka Ama – outrigger canoe

A Waka Ama consists of a hull with one or more outrigger pontoons (Ama), rigged out to the side for stability and lashed to the hull with cross beam members (kiato). The hull has sealed bow (ihu) bulkheads and stern (kei) bulkheads.


Maori Terminology

1. Ama - Float or pontoon
6. Haumi - Deck covering
2. Kiato - Cross Arms
7. Rauawa - Gunnel or Top Strake
3. Hiwi - Hull
8. Aukaha - Lashings
4. Ihu - Bow (front)
9. Pae Manu - Seats
5. Noko/kei - Stern (back)
10. Taumanu - Thwarts (for lashing the Kiato to the Waka

  1. Ama. A long thin float attached parallel to a seagoing canoe by projecting spars as a means of preventing it from capsizing.
  2. Kiato. Are the cross arms that connect the waka to the ama.
  3. Hiwi. A hull is the watertight body of the waka.
  4. Ihu. The front of the waka.
  5. Noko. The back of the waka.
  6. Haumi. Is the deck covering on the front and back of the waka.
  7. Rauawa. The reinforcing strip running along the top edge of the hull to which the thwart(s) are attached, usually made of wood, aluminum, or polyester.
  8. Aukaha. Are the lashings used to secure the kiato to the waka and the ama.
  9. Pae Manu. The seats provided for the paddlers to hoe.
  10. Taumanu. Crossbeams also known as canoe thwart, that run on the inside the top of a canoe giving the hull support and strength. There are usually two thwarts on the inside of a canoe. From a practical standpoint, canoe thwarts are often used to strap gear to, thereby keeping it within the canoeist's reach and safe from falling out of the boat. They are also for lashing the Kiato to the Waka.

Types of Waka

Waka Ama

W1 - one person single hull Waka
W2 - two person single hull Waka
W3 - three person single hull Waka
W4 - four person single hull Waka
W6 - six person single hull Waka

Waka Taurua

WT12 - twelve person double hull Waka

Waka Tere

WT4 - four person single hull sailing Waka
WT6 - six person single hull sailing Waka
WT12 - twelve person double hull sailing Waka