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For my midterm project, I chose poverty and hunger. For me, this is something that I too help to fight by donating food or money to soup kitchens, or by physically helping out with other members of my family. In terms of technology, and how its affecting the amount of food we produce, there have been many amazing aspects of progress that have been made. For example, Genetically engineered food has made it possible for crops to be bigger, more flavorful, and have a greater amount of nutrients. Not only does this affect people around us directly, but also third-world countries that we provide aid to. In terms of now, I personally don’t think that enough is being done to spread the awareness of world hunger. According to, about 840 million people go hungry everyday. From what I see, the food that we throw away on a daily basis could feed a lot of that 840 million. Its horrible how people would let other people die only because they couldn’t afford any food to eat.