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The statistical figures of the prevalence of HIV/AIDS are frightening. If you visit our hospitals and clinics today, you will see the desperate misery of the final stage of the virus in the faces of the victims, their friends, families and colleagues.

Considering the rapid spread of the disease in our communities (Southern Kaduna) in particular, I will safely deduce that many factors account for it including the following:


This is a vicious scourge that leads many people into all kinds of social vices. The younger women especially are mostly victims of the HIV scourge because of their crave for material things and the get-rich-quick syndrome, which makes them Commercial Sex Workers. They may not want to become Commercial Sex Workers, but poverty, hunger, idleness, unemployment and other pressures of life compel them to become involved in commercial sex. Once they get involved, they seem trapped. Despite the fact that they know they may be infected with HIV, they do not or cannot stop having customers in order to meet up with their demands.

Low Literacy level

The Scriptures says, “For lack of knowledge the people perish”. Many youths today doubt the existence of HIV/AIDS. While some cannot differentiate between HIV and AIDS, terms like immunity, syndrome, and symptoms are too technical to the understanding of some young people because of their low literacy level so, they perish by the scourge.

Wrong Belief

Some youths believe that contraceptive pills can prevent HIV; others believe that condom reduces pleasure therefore, skin-to-skin is the best; while some believe that douching or washing immediately after sex will prevent a woman from contracting HIV. There are other factors such as political situations, urbanization, tourism, and drug abuse among others.

Due to the fact that this menace is eating sore into the lives of young people, i as an individual (youth} have committed myself to mobilizing, sensitizing, and training the youth of my community so that they can be fully informed. if one is knowledgeable, one can undersatand the meaning of some health terms and the current trends in health matters as they affect the individual and the community at large.

The issues of wrong beliefs should not remain in the minds of the youth. thereforre, i will take it upon myself to disabuse the minds of the misinformed especially as these beliefs affect their well-being with particular reference to HIV/AIDS.

Drug abuse is another factor that should be done away with. some take it for pleasure, but the effects of drug abuse promote poor judgement as well as immoral and risky behaviours, which can lead to HIV contraction.

I also plan to set up a counselling center for the youth population within my community.


Awareness creation to youths on HIV/AIDS

A 23 year old status awarded an HIV/AIDS man with his family in Taiwan


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