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This is my first experience on how to create a wiki. I should say that i am fascinated.Let me welcome you to my first wiki page.

My thoughts

I hope you find the information in it useful and educative.

Oh well

Feel free to edit and share your experiences with us all. Well, im not really one to do this kind of thing (blogging or writing stuff on the internet) but what the heck...i guess there is always a first time for everything ...*right!*...


Oh before i go on, [im not blogging..].this is a wiki and im supposed to put educational content to it...well ya!...

Did i mention im from Namibia. There are 14 political regions

According to Nampa

My likes
  1. Guava
  2. Mango
  3. Orange
This is my favorite animal in the whole world.
The most beautiful animal