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Today is : 27, March 2023
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First non-Japanese Geisha



February plum blossom time

Trimming trees




Autumn Flower arrangements


Tokonoma in a residence in Engaku-ji Temple in Kita Kamakura

View onto the garden from the windows Engaku-ji temple complex [1]

Flower arrangement

Yearly ikebana exhibition by Ohara School, Machida Chapter, in lieu of a workshop. My arrangement.

June 2007 for Pacific Science Congress
with special help from Ms Miyoshi Tanaka and the Ohara School Chapter of Okinawa


Iris or Hana Shobu in a field. Japanese Iris Iris ensata or sword leaf iris. Iris leaves of another variety Shobu Acorus calamus var. angustatus are used in the bath on boys day.

Children's Day 5th May

Children's day is a national holiday. Originally there was girl's day on the 3rd of March and boy's day on the 5th of May. Now the 5th of May has become children's day.

Kyoto, Uji, Byodoin

Uji is about 20 miutes by train from Kyoto station. It is famous for green tea and many interesting places including Byodoin which is on the 10 yen coin.

Food for thought

An old and beautiful maple bonsai in a sushi restaurant in April. Nigiri sushi, elongated balls of rice covered with sliced fish, some raw, some cooked. Chirashi sushi, rice with various topping.

Cherry blossoms

Shiba sakura means a lawn of cherry blossoms. In English it is known as Moss Phlox, or Moss Flox. Phlox subulata Here blooming in Isehara

The early blossoms start to fall

But in the mountains they still bloom

End of March and the beginning of April is the cherry blossom season in Japan. Enjoy some of my favourite spots.

Girl's day

On the 3rd of March, girl's day is celebrated in Japan.

This is the flower arrangement I made in Atsugi town hall by the information desk.



To Hiromi Sasaki of Kanagawa Prefecture Natural Environment Conservation Center, for correcting my mistake on Japanese Iris pointing out that Shobu is a different species from Hana Shobu.