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My definition of Moodle for Teachers

First Moodle can be thought of a basic area that can be accessed by fellow teachers or learners.

For example Moodle is a container ship.
Container ship loading-700px.jpg

The containers are wikis, power point, or links to other material. So the containers are the learning material.

The crew are the teachers and learners.

Suppose you have an empty ship the containers would be the material and one can choose that.

The crew decides where they want to go and what learning/teaching material they will use.

You need a combined effort and cooperation for smoothly running the operation to reach the predetermined destination.

It is useful to have a captain or a facilitator to keep to the right track.
Each role can be predetermined, then participants can sign up, and then there can be rotation.
One person is the facilitator, one the communications officer etc...
The allegory to the ship is inspired by something my daughter once told me

Useful basic resources

All about Moodle Very clearly written a must read if you are starting Moodle
Teaching FAQ

Google wave

What is expected

To learn the meaning of Moodle
How it can be used

What is the best way to start

Turn the edit button on
Try various things


Working in a group and communicating with other members. Why; time zone.

Facilitating on line learning

A blog for facilitating online learning Tips on how to find images designated under Creative Commons like Wikipedia's list of Gray's anatomy images


Dvolver movie maker to make cartoon movies.