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Japanese Language

A few tips on learning Japanese. Japanese is made up of 3 different writing scripts

  1. Katakana
  2. Hiragana
  3. Kanji

Then there is something called : Rōmaji, Japanese written in the latin alphabet but read in a specific way.

Katakana and Hiragana are phonetic sounds. Both are derived from Kanji or Chinese characters but in a simplified form Katakana is specifically used for writing words from foreign languages, or foreign names. Words borrowed from English like television which becomes terebi. Katakana and : Hiragana have exactly the same number of characters.

Useful pages for learning

Elementary school Kanji here First grade Kanji
How to write the characters on Youtube First Grade Kanji writing

A blog to help French speakers learn Japanese Apprendre le japonais en Geek


Most people will probably have no difficulty in pronouncing Japanese. There are no ending with consonants, the t sound would be either ta, ti, tu or to. The un sound is difficult to hear especially when it is inside a word,