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This page is a sort of diary to help others in case of a major earthquake, what to do what to expect. Please add information that you think may be useful to others.


Friday March 11th 2011

Interesting links

Some perspective on The Japan Earthquake

Useful websites in English

  • The latest news happening in Japan and around the world

NHK Radio on Demand / Podcast

  • Facebook

Earthquake info foreigner [1]

Jordanians in Japan

Egyptians in Japan

Ikebana friends

  • This might be useful for other people trying to get information:


  • NHK news it has NHK and a simultaneous (though not great) translation by some helpful guy.
  • Japan earthquake how to protect yourself guide to take care and protect yourself during the earthquake- basic advice

Basic advice

  • (Japanese only) has been available in any region and you can listen to Japanese radio stations online. Japanese radio stations online

Things you can do

  1. For the water: boil it and let it stand a few days preferably in a glass container before using it. As iodine is water soluble boiling the water will allow it to evaporate and keeping the water is because the half life is 8 days so the quantity will be reduce.
  2. Try to wear a hat and outside clothing that you keep near the door with your shoes. Especially the soles of shoes are easily contaminated, also cover yourself from the rain.

Washing etc... is OK with tap water, if you want to rinse at the end you can use the water prepared above.