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Bagrut Project


The first steps

Its foundation

The group was founded in 1981 in Los Angeles by Lars Ulirich and James Hetfield. They decided to establish this group in order to play a new different kind of music than was known at that time. The group started to perform in los angeles. ulrich talked to his friend ron quintana, who was brainstorming names for a fanzine. quintana use metal mania, ulrich used metallica for the name of his band . a second advertisement was placed in THE Recvcler for a position as lead guitarist. Dave Mustaine answered and after seeing his expensice guitar equipment, ulrich and Hetfield recruited him.

In early 1982, Metallica recorded its first original song "Hit the lights" for the metal Massacre /compilation.Hetfield played bass on the song and Lioyd Grant was cerdited with a guitar solo. Released on june 14,1982, early pressings of Metal massacre/listed the band incorrectly as "Mettallica". although angered by the error, Metallica managed to create enough "buzz" with the song abd the band played its first live show on march 14 1982 at radio city in anaheim california with newly recruited bassist Ron Mcgovaney . Metallica recorded its first demo titled Power Metal , a name inspired by Quintana's early business cards in early 1982. In the fall of 1982, Ulrich featured bassist cliff burton in a band called Trauma.The two were "blown away" by Burton's use of a wah-wah pedal and asked him to join metallica. Hetfield and Mustaine wanted Mcgovney out as they thought that he "didn't contribute anything,he just followes". Although Burton initially declined the offer, by the end of the year he accepted on the condition the band move to san francisco. Metallica's first album, Kill 'Em All, was released in late 1983 and some ferocious touring which saw the band's reputation soar both in the US and Europe. In 1984 they went to work with producer Flemming Rassmussen in Copenhagen at Sweet Silence Studios on their second album. 'Ride The Lightning' proved that Metallica were not some thrash-in-the-pan one trick pony, the writing and sound illustrating a growth, maturity and intensity which saw them immediately targeted by major management in QPrime, and a major label in Elektra. Both deals were done by the fall of '84 and their reputation continued to grow worldwide.

Returning to the same studios in 1985, the group recorded 'Master Of Puppets', mixing in LA with Michael Wagner and releasing in early 1986. They quickly secured a tour with Ozzy Osbourne, and that stint (plus a top 30 album chart position) saw their fan base and name take a quantum leap. What had seemed so unlikely was nearer than ever to coming true; world domination.

looking for new directions

In 2001 after several rumors, Jason Newsted departed the band. The band realized there was much work to be done on both their personal and creative relationships, and spent the first part of 2001 investigating spontaneous avenues of discovery both in and out of the studio. They set up shop at an old ex-Army barracks called The Presidio, jammed together at length and made a decision not to rush the process of finding a new band member, opting instead to have producer Bob Rock do all bass parts.

In the middle of 2001, James Hetfield reached a place in his life where he felt rehabilitation, rest and re-focus were necessary for him to not only continue but also flourish. It meant that for many months, the members of Metallica embarked upon various levels of deeper discovery about themselves, the band and their lives both as a band and human beings. The results were to manifest themselves two-fold: when they came together again in the Spring of 2002 there was a deeper respect and appreciation for each other than ever before. And they were finally ready to make a new album, free of outside expectations, free of inner expectations and independent of anyone.

Settling into their new HQ, the band set about making 'St Anger' with Bob Rock. Those early Presidio sessions had certainly helped shape the freeform thinking and expression that was to come, but no-one, least of all the guys themselves, could've known just how fierce, raw and passionate the 'St Anger' material would turn out to be. With Rock always offering prompt and support, lyrics were written by everyone, writing was shared and performance was off the cuff, spontaneous and a 180 degree turn from the months of cut-and-paste which had become a part of the Metallirecording process in the past.

This Metallica was proud, confident, appreciative, humble, hungry, edgy, angry and also happy. Nervous? Sure, a little bit, but that too was good, yet another driver to new places and creative achievements that Metallica were enjoying.

In 2002 the band decided it was time to search for a new bassist, and after some closed auditions with personal invitees over a few months, ex-Suicidal Tendencies/Ozzy Osbourne bass player Robert Trujillo was chosen to be the new member of Metallica. Note, member. Not bassist or hired gun or replacement. But a band member. His whole demeanor, happy, relaxed, warm, enthusiastic blended with over 15 years of experience and a ferocious finger-picking style made Robert the only natural choice.

gaining enormous popularity

As the Mighty Metallica continued ploughing on through the world (going back to Europe, Japan and then onto Australia in January), SKOM was debuted to enormous critical acclaim at the 2004 Sundance Independent Film Festival in Utah during January.

The group did publicly state that the majority of 2005 would be spent re-charging those creative and mental batteries, and true to their word it was a quiet year, except for two little hometown gigs with the Rolling Stones at SBC Park in November.

With batteries re-charged after the two shows with the Stones, the guys hit the studio in early 2006 to start writing a new album and were excited to announce that they would be working with a new producer, Rick Rubin. The spring and summer found them escaping from the studio once again with shows in South Africa (their first ever visit to the continent!), Europe, Japan and Korea. “The New Song” made its debut in Berlin, Germany on June 6 to give us all a little taste of things to come in 2007 with the remainder of the year scheduled for more writing and jamming.

the great success

In August 1988 the band recorded their fourth full-length album.It received a Grammy nomination for Best Metal/Hard Rock album, the band blew headliners Van Halen off-stage during the Monsters Of Rock tour and subsequently embarked upon an enormous worldwide tour. It was even the moment they finally delved into video. The band toured extensively to all parts of the world.

In 1991 Metallica released the self-titled 'Black' album, and saw their popularity soar to stratospheric heights. With new producer Bob Rock, this album was a subtle departure from the previous album with shorter songs, a fuller sound and simpler arrangements. It went straight to number one all over the world, stayed there for several weeks and ended up selling in excess of 15 million copies worldwide, spawned several legitimate singles as well as earning a Grammy and MTV/ American Music Awards. The band toured for close to three years, playing a solo arena tour in 'An Evening With Metallica', with Guns N' Roses on the duos' joint-headline stadium tour, and as headliner at many festivals. It meant that by the time the fall of 1993 rolled around, the four members were shattered both physically and mentally. Save for some Summer Shed action, there was little major activity as the band allowed their real lives to catch up with their rock lives.

In 1997 Metallica released the next album. it was the longest Metallica album to date with 14 songs, and signaled some significant changes for the band. Produced by Bob Rock, the material was loose, powerful and eclectic, the sound thick and punchy and the image one which screamed out change and freedom from enslavement to the Black album era. So many songs came from the sessions, that a second album titled ReLoad, followed in 1997. The Load tour was spectacular, encompassing cutting-edge technology, stuntmen, two-stages and an epic two-plus hours of performance.

In 1998, they re-packaged all the old B-sides, covers and the two previous Garage Days sessions and ran into The Plant to slam down 11 new covers. Electric, exciting and raw, the double-disc Garage Inc. was great reminder that for all the success, Metallica's heart still lay in the music. This point was further proven in 1999, when with conductor/composer Michael Kamen, Metallica embarked upon collaboration with the San Francisco Symphony to bring new dimension to classic material. Any potential skepticism of the project was blown away by two nights in April at the Berkeley Community Theater which proved to be epic milestones in the group's history. Far from their material being compromised, the arrangements of songs such as 'Master Of Puppets' gave symphonic instruments the chance to explode into the spaces and fill them with greater, heavier power than ever before. Having recorded and filmed the shows on the off-chance it might turn out alright on the night, Metallica released the S&M double-disc and DVD in late '99 .


Metalica is the best musical group in the world. its creative initiative has proven that there is no limit to real achievements when a good profetional work is done. Metalica did the right steps in the right time and place. This gruop has shown a new attitude towards music so as pepole how heard them got immediately interested in it.

The group kept being in accordance with its audiance and released its music with the appropriate components that would match the great demend for now and updated music. Metalica made the needed personal and professional changes and it is a part of its success secret.

Working on this project has been a real joy. It was amazing conducting a research on a contemporal musical subject. I think that looking for such information enriches you with verious knoledge.I resume that this research is a good basis fot further investigation in the future.


Bibliography this wab is encyclopedia on the intarnet


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A Research Project

The Metalica Group

The Metalica group is a band of four metal members which was founded in 1981. This group is one of the best metal music groups in the world in the last decades. Their music contains elements from both rock and metal, which is more noisy than rock. The combination of both elements makes this group's music so unique. In this project the research question will discuss the routes of the great success of Metalica and the reasons for its continuous momentum. In order to find out the answer to this question I shall investigate the group's activity from its first steps till the main hits and shows which are still continue to take place recently. In this project I shall use a variety of sources like: Internet, articles, documents and relevant photos. This project may be used as a foundation for further research.

Good job! topic: metalica band know These are the things i know about metalica: 1.This band is a metal band 2. One of the mambers died 3. The metalica band is one of the graitest bands 4. The mambers of this band was taikeng drags 5. Metalica is a vary fimos band

what i'd like to know: this band becime to be afimos band? the mamber of the band died? 3. whan thay started to play ?



Bagrut Project Presentation

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