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Hi Mvancoillie,

Thanks for your query.

I agree - they methodology for referencing the social bookmarking sites is not ideal. We will certainly explore how we might be able to incorporate these features in WikiEducator. This needs to be done in conjunction with due consideration to the implications of free content licensing etc. There are also technologies emerging that would facilitate "social" tagging - but with added advantage of semantic relationships - particularly for multilingual installations of wiki projects like WikiEducator. We need to think carefully, for example how the English WikiEducator will interact with the French WikiEducator as it develops. So its not a simple answer.

At a technical level - these technologies already exist as free software, but would require some additional work to integrate them properly with Mediawiki. This will be dependent on available funding to achieve this functionality. As an international development agency we must also respect developing countries who do not wish to establish reliance on commercially provided web-services.

In the meantime - I don't know if you have seen the ability to pull in rss feeds from external sites in WikiEducator.

See the syntax on this page:

You could design an interesting activity where users are required to incporate their individual tag-feeds on their user pages in WikiEducator. Could be interesting!

Chat to you soon. --Mackiwg 22:12, 30 May 2007 (CEST)