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  1. TO know about a modern mathematics subject
  2. In particular about graph theory

 A graph is an ordered triple (V,E,f) where V is a non-empty set,E is a set disjoint with V and fis the incidence function.
   Now consider V={1,2,3,4},E={a,b,c,d,e,g} and f as follows:
     f(a)= (1,2)
     f(b)= (2,3)
     f(c)= (3,4)
     f(d)= (4,1)
     f(e)= (1,3)
     f(g)= (2,4) 

This is a simple graph since it has no loops and multiple edges.So,

 What is a loop?
  What is a loop?
     What is link? To define these ,we need a few basic definitions.
     The elements of V are called vertices, 
        The elements of V are called edges;
         1,2 are called the ends of the edge a;Also we say a joints 1 and 2.
 An edge with the same end vertices is called a loop and an edge with different end vertices is called a link.
 What is a multiple edge?

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  • What is a graph?
  • List needs of graph theory