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Personal Details

The traditional Chinese today

My name is Frank. I grew up in Nairobi Kenya, in a middleclass neighborhood. Currently I am a communications professional working for a development agency. I am interested in information management systems and how to harness technology to benefit the local resident in society.I love huge trucks, big engined cars and heavy motorcycles.

His Cars

The following are the vehicles I am following closely:

These could be chronologically reflected as follows:

  1. Man Trucks
  2. Benz Trucks
  3. Harley Bikes

My Contacts

Tel: +254 (0)20 2713540 Cell: +254 (0)721 719676

Postal Address

P. O. Box 263 00206 Kiserian (]

Topics of Interest

  1. Journalism
  2. Travel
  3. Scientific research
  4. web2.0

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