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(Comment.gif: Hi Murani ~ Leutha tells me that you're interested in the may I help....what specific projects are you interested in, and what country are you from? --Randy Fisher 00:47, 19 November 2008 (UTC))


I love everything to do with the world of IT. From the time i touch my first computer at the of 10 i was hooked. i just wanted to know how it works how it is put together what makes it tick .................. In secondary school we were asked by the career guide what do we wanted to be, I said a computer programmer. the career advisor gave the usually advised got to college and then university but the guide was not specif which i feel is still the same at most school around the country.

This is My sandbox which I use to practice editing of my first ever wiki. I am planning to learn how to fully develop a wiki and teach other about this simple but yet powerful tool.

Now i am going to learn how to do numbering and listing.

One can have italics and bold together.

I have learned how to indent my sentences

Tutorial 1
Tutorial 2
Tutorial 3

I have also learned how to do a number list

  1. Tutorial 4
  2. Tutorial 5
  3. Tutorial 6
    1. Tutorial 6.1
  4. Tutorial 7

And now I know how to do a list

  • Tutorial 8
  • Tutorial 9
  • Tutorial 10
    • Tutorial 11
  • Tutorial 12

This time I am going to mix it up number list with a list

  1. Tutorial 13
  2. Tutorial 14
    • Tutorial 15
      • Tutorial 16
  3. Tutorial 17

Now a list with number list

  • Tutorial 18
  • Tutorial 19
  • Tutorial 20
    1. Tutorial 21
    2. Tutorial 22
  • Tutorial 23

Now I going to create a new link to a new page