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About my self

I am 29 years old my height is 178 cm and I have 66 Kg weight. I born in march 1982 in Hagereselam which is a small town 50 km away from Mekelle. I am single.


My name is Mulugeta Abrha I am from Tigray region Ethiopia, and I have had an Advanced Diploma in Construction Technology from Maichew Technical College in June 2004. I have served on various job descriptions and currently I am a working as Surveyor in Regional government of Tigray Environmental Protection Land Administration and Use Agency (TEPLAUA) of Agriculture of Ethiopia. The agency is established more recently with broad missions that are to insure a sustainable land administration & use, to create clean and settled environmental management in the region. To achieve the mission stated above it required skilled and experienced man power specialized in the subject matter.

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Profesional Life

Being a surveyor, I have been engaged in capturing data using GPS, total station, and other surveying instruments, delineating cartographic detail, compiling data for map preparation, building and updating cadastral data bases. In addition to this training wereda land administration staff & contract surveyors on rural land cadastral surveying, mapping using handheld GPS and ArcGIS software and supervise the quality of work done by them is part of my duties.

My interest

I am sociable with all my internal and external customers and I am among the young energetic respected expert of the Agency. I Like reading books, searching and chating with friends on the internate, swiming and walking friends.