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Betty is a mother to three intelligent young people who are always challenging her to become 'techno savvy' and to keep abreast with developments in social networks.

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She holds a Doctor of Public Administration and is an Associate Professor of Public Governance in the School of Management, IT and Governance at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban - South Africa. In this position, she is responsible for lecturing to undergraduate and post graduate students as well as supervising post graduate research in the discipline of Public Governance.

She is passionate about local governance and views the community as the space where the effects of a responsive (or non-responsive) state are most felt. In her research and publications, she tries to show how communities can, with appropriate institutional support, be the engine that drives sustainable socio-economic development.


To relax, Betty likes connecting with nature by engaging in gardening activities. In her garden she has planted vegetables like spinach and lettuce but it is the roses that truly uplift her spirits. Seeing roses in bloom (as they are right now) always puts a smile on her face and gives her a feeling of being a co-creator with the almighty.
roses in bloom are always uplifting

Countries Betty has visited

  • Uganda
  • Rwanda
  • Tanzania
  • Kenya
  • Nigeria
  • Zimbabwe
  • Zambia
  • Mauritius
  • Norway
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium

Conferences Betty has attended

  2. Winelands
  3. BMC
  5. CROP

Internal Resources

  1. Accredited publications
  2. Non-Accrdited Publications
  3. Government documents

External Resources

University of KwaZulu Natal RSA Government Publications