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Contact-new.svg Melvin Solomona
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Today is the 23march.this powerful education website have been introduced to us. Good to have in this lab today are a variety of educators from around our small island. We are here in the NationalUniversity of Samoa computer lab,where we are currently carrying out this workshop.





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Aural Task

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How do we establish a national open resource collaboration in Samoa?What ideas do we have to take this foward?


Brainstroming Ideas

  • How can we establish a national open resource development in Samoa?
  • Funding is perhaps the most important issue to look at in trying to establish this,and the role of donor agencies in creating partnership with client countries becomes more vital.
  • Advocate policies at all levels concerning open educational resources.This is going to involve participants at Parliment,Ministries,Private Sectors and Individual citizens.
  • Raise public awareness.
  • Initiate workshops for training of trainers.
  • With the access of Secondary schools now to Information Technology and Internet infrastructure,through the Ministry would be an effective way of reaching out.There are projects that are currently underway eg: ESPII and School Net which supports this initiative.
  • It is a fact that every Ministry,organization and institution needs an educator in someways,to let them be aware of the all the help and sharing that Wikieducator can provide in terms of open source software.
  • Training is essential to all users of Wikieducator.
  • Egovernment affects all sectors of the Education,Health,Sports,Politics etc..
  1. e-learning
  2. e-banking
  • Strategies: Education:

Group 2 Members

  • Foilagi Faamau
  • Tanya Seiuli
  • Aniseko Fruean
  • Pemerika Sakai
  • Melvin Solomona