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Contact-new.svg Motielall Singh
Employer:Ministry of Education
Occupation:Curriculum Specialist/Natural Sciences
Nationality:St Lucian
Country:St. Lucia
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Hi Wayne I am planning to publish to the worldwide web very soon

I am Motielall Singh,Curriculum Specialist/Natural Sciences supervising science education in Primary and Secondary Schools

Thank you

Mr Singh

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heading level 2

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heading level 3

  • bullet 1
  • bullet 2
    • sub bullet 1
    • sub bullet 2
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  1. one
  2. two
  3. three

My dog is big and bad but friendly to female. How you think of that?




  • sports
    • cricket
    • basketball
    • volleyball
  • indoor games
    • dominoes
    • chess
    • table tennis
  1. two
  2. four
  3. six
  4. eight

my Science kit


Uploading images -Day 2



Content Resource

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at the end of this lesson students should be able to ..
  • Define energy
  • State the different forms of energy
  • Explain energy conversion
  • List five uses of energy
  • Suggest alternative sources of energy

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Design a project on...
  • alternative energy
  • sources of energy

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Short questions
  • what is energy?
  • what are the different forms of energy?
  • Sketch a diagram to show any two energy conversions