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Where Community Empowerment will be, and where it should be, ten years from now.

It is composed of three elements:

(1) the Community Empowerment web site,

(2) the Community Empowerment Collective.

(3) the Community Empowerment portals on WikiEducator.

Do you think that you will be around in 2020?

If I've got the time and if you still need translations to German by then!

Do you think that CE will be around in 2020? Should it be?

Yes, because it's important. Greed and lust for power will always be there, and so will poverty.

What will contribute to the difference? (To be or not to be?)

Changing global social, political and economic factors, like Valerie said.

What changes would you like to see in (a) the content? (b) the organization? (c) the membership? What strengths does it have that should be preserved, if any? What weaknesses does it have and how can they be fixed?

The content is excellent. Since I'm so new to this I'm not sure if it's ok to make a suggestion about the design of the CE web site. In my opinion it would be a good idea to carefully revise the pages so that they're looking as up to date as the content is.

I believe there are two main topics that need to be developed. Environmentally Sustainable Communities and Districts, Mechanisms for Community to Community Dialogue and Fora. What do you think about those? Others?

I think fora for community workers would be a really good idea.

I believe there are two main elements that should be retained: Zero Annual Budget, and No Examples or Success Stories. What do you think about those? Others?

I can't say anything about Zero Annual Budget but I fully agree on the second topic. Communities should find their own solutions and not copy others.

The emphasis is on How To, not on Why To (too many of those around already), written to be easily understood by a middle school leaver (even though many post graduates and professors read and use the material). What do you think about that?

I think that's very practical and realistic.

Phil's 2020