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About me

In life we have different values and interests poetry has been one of my interesting aspects,though I never had the chance to study poetry at high school.I always enjoyed reading and listening to poems written by various writers.They fascinates me and really make me who I am!

Just Say It


Two types of dreams:<br\> Dreams we have while we are asleep,<br\> Dreams we have while we are awake<br\> What is the connection between the two? <br\>

All dreams are about yearnings held inside us<br\> Some are secret<br\> That we do not wanna share them <br\>Those who put their dreams on paper show courage <br\>And faith that will come true! <br\>

Oh my God<br\> Give me a wonderful dream<br\> Hope for a succesSful dream <br\>Give me the best dream!

Come up!!!Lets put our dreams on paper<br\> Hurray.............<br\>okay am dreaming now! <br\>



We all dream,no one is derived of that chance. The different part is that we dream about various things,some are sad while some makes us happy.We dream at differrent times of the day,some dream at night whereas some dream during the day!Lets all do what we can,and like while we still have the opportunity to do it and purpose to pursue it. Gooday!

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