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Up to this step, you should have all the required information to put into the project proposal. You should have already identified the problem you need to address and the proposed solutions (Step 2), the resources needed and the required time to complete the project (Steps 1 & 2), and the cost of these ressources. The other important thing you have already knew from the previous steps is how the funding agency wants to contribute to your proposal (Step 3). With the funding agency's proposal template, you now have all the tools at your disposal.

Carefully put all the information you have acquired from Steps 1 - 4 onto the template, and you are ready to see the first draft of your project proposal. Get someone else (either two of your working colleagues, or your boss) to edit your draft. Once, you are happy with the improvements, you can say that you have developed a simple project proposal and is now ready for submission to your funding agency.