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Pedagogical templates are used when authoring teaching content in WikiEducator. A number of templates are predesigned to save you time with more complex layouts required of instructional materials. They include a range of "instructional devices" or subelements of a content page and are usually signified by an icon. For example:

Icon objectives.jpg

After reading this subsection, you will

  • see the list of pedagogical templates used in WikiEducator
  • be able to insert an instruction device using the Template syntax
  • review the list of template names
  • identify an error in the syntax

Wiki syntax for iDevice templates

A template is called using a predefined label and the text for your iDevice separated by "|" and all enclosed between two "{{ }}" braces. For example, the following syntax will be used for a Self-assessment question:

{{Preknowledge|Think about a situation when you ....type the rest of your preknowlege text here}} .