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I am a faculty member of Physics Department in Miranda House. It is a constituent college of University of Delhi. Currently I am pursuing post doctoral research at Electronic Materials and Devices Laboratory EMDL, University of Delhi.

Hands-on experience

RF and DC Magnetron Sputtering with in-situ plasma cleaning, Thermal evaporation, Photolithography, SAW device (bulk as well as thin film based) fabrication and characterization techniques, Capacitance bridge, Electrometer, Network Analyzer, RT 66A Hysteresis Loop measuring system, X-ray Diffraction unit, Scanning Electron Microscope, Thickness profiler, UV-VIS spectroscopy, FTIR spectroscopy, etc.

Professional recognition

• UGC-CSIR, NET JRF awarded by CSIR in Physical Sciences.

• Member of the Revision of Curriculum for “physics of B.Sc. Physical/Life/Applied Sc.” Committee.

• Member of the Indian Association of Physics Teachers.

• Member, Technical Committee set to purchase the high end equipments, Department of Physics and Astrophysics, University of Delhi, Delhi 110007

Part of the Organizing Committee of the following events

1. INFOSYS Workshop for undergraduate Teachers from North India (28 Dec.04 to 2 Jan.05)

2. International Conference on Physics Education 2005 (ICPE 2005) World View on Physics Education: Focusing on Change held at Vigyan Bhavan (21 to 26 August 2005)

3. Research & Innovation in Physics Education meeting (Dec.2005), Miranda House, University of Delhi.

4. Vigyan Vichitra: The Science festival of Miranda House (December 2005)

5. IV UNESCO workshop on Active Learning in Optics & Photonics 2006 (6-11 Nov. 2006)

6. National Seminar on Multifunctional Nanomaterials & Nanostructures Applications–MNNA 2006 (23 -24 Dec. 2006) at Dept. of Physics and Astrophysics, Univ. of Delhi.

7. National Symposium on Science of Life: The New Horizons (21-23 Nov.2007), Miranda House.

8. College Events including SICMACAY, Alumni Meet, Founder’s Day etc.

9. Coordinator of NGPE examination at Miranda House for undergraduate Physics students.

10. Convener, Registration & Publication committee, Indo-Australia Symposium on Multifunctional Nanomaterials and Nanostructures Applications (MNNA 2007), Dept. of Physics & Astrophysics, Univ. of Delhi from 19-21 December 2007.

11. Resource Person, Workshop on ICT in School Science Education, D.S. Kothari Centre for Innovation in Science Education, Miranda House, University of Delhi from 8-10 May 2008.

12. Resource Person, Summer Workshop for undergraduate Science Students, Integrating Science (Physical, Chemical and Life Sciences) with Computers, held at D.S. Kothari Centre for Innovation in Science Education, Miranda House, University of Delhi from 19 May to 20 July 2008.

13. Co-coordinator, Structured Workshop on New Frontiers in Radiation Sciences for undergraduate students of Delhi University colleges held at Institute of Nuclear Medicine ands Allied Sciences (INMAS), Delhi from 16 June to 4 July 2008.

14. Member, Workshop on Life Skills for freshers of Miranda House, held at Miranda House, University of Delhi from 7 to 12 July 2008.

15. Organizing Secretary, National Symposium on Indian Physics an d Mega Projects: Research on Frontiers, held at Miranda House, University of Delhi from 2 -3 February 2009.

Conferences and Workshops Attended

1. Mini-Colloquia on "Compact Modeling of advance MOSFET structures and mixed mode applications", Univ. of Delhi South Campus, N. Delhi, India organized by IEEE-EDS Delhi Chapter, and sponsored by IEEE Electron Device Society under its Distinguished Lecturer Program from 5 - 6 January 2008.

2. Indo-Australia Symp. on Multifunctional Nanomaterials, Nanostructures and Applications (MNNA 2007), Dept.of Physics & Astrophysics, Univ. of Delhi, Delhi-07, 19-21 Dec.2007.

3. National Seminar on Multifunctional Nanomaterials, Nanostructures and Applications (MNNA 2006), Dept. of Physics & Astrophysics, Univ.of Delhi, Delhi-07, 23-24 Dec.2006.

4. IV UNESCO Workshop on Active Learning in Optics & Photonics ALOP Asia 2006, Miranda House, Univ. of Delhi,6-11 Nov. 2006.

5. Meeting on Research & Innovation in Physics Edu.,Miranda House,Delhi Univ.,1-3 Dec.05

6. International Conference on Physics Education (ICPE-2005), World View on Physics education: Focusing on Change, held at Vigyan Bhavan from 21 to 26 August 2005.

7. Infosys Workshop for Undergraduate Teachers from North India at Centre for Environmental Studies, Univ. of Delhi from 28 Dec. 2004 to 02 Jan. 2005.

8. 2003 IEEE Ultrasonics Symp., Hilton Hawaiian Village, Hawaii, USA, 5-8 Oct. 2003.

9. 4th Asian Meeting on Ferroelectrics(AMF-4), I.I.Sc., Bangalore, 12-15 Dec. 2003.

10. National Symposium on Vacuum Science & Tech., I.I.Sc., Bangalore, 5-7 Sept. 2001.

11. International Conference on Fiber Optics and Photonics, Calcutta, 18-20 Dec. 2000.

12. Tutorial seminar on contemporary topics in Fiber & Intg. Optics,IIT Delhi,22-24 Dec.1999

13. Indo-Russian workshop on MEMS, National Physical Lab., Delhi 2-4 Feb. 1999.

Interface with the Industry

• Temperature stability of commercial SAW devices for EPCOS AG, Munish, Germany, Surface Acoustic Wave Components Div.{Non-disclosure agreement has already been signed}

• Integrated piezoelectric ZnO film with MEMS structure of CEERI, Pilani for acoustic sensor. Devices have been installed in PSLV flights(C9-C11) including one carrying CHANDRAYAN

List of Publication

1. “Temperature stability of ZnO thin film SAW device on fused quartz”, Monika Tomar, V. Gupta, K.Sreenivas & A.Mansingh, IEEE Trans. Devices & Mater. Reliab., 5(2005) 494

2. “Temperature stable LiNbO3 SAW device with sputtered amorphous TeO2 over-layer”, N. Dewan, Monika Tomar, V.Gupta & K.Sreenivas, Appl. Phys. Lett., 86 (2005) 223508.

3. “Optical waveguiding properties of RF Diode Sputtered LiNbO3 thin films”, Monika Tomar, N. Mehan, K. Sreenivas and A. Mansingh - Ferroelectrics Vol 329 (2005) 61-64.

4. “Improved Temperature Stability of LiNbO3 Surface Acoustic Wave Device with Sputtered SiO2 over-layer”,V.Gupta, Monika Tomar & K.Sreenivas,Ferroelectrics,329 (2005)57-60

5. “The ac conductivity and dielectric constant of(006) textured LiNbO3 films,V.Gupta,Monika Tomar, P. Bhattacharya, K.Sreenivas & R.S.Katiyar, Ferroelectric Lett.,32 (2005) 125-30

6. “Temperature coefficient of elastic constants of sputtered TeO2 thin film for zero TCD SAW Devices”, N.Dewan, Monika Tomar, K. Sreenivas, V.Gupta, Proc. IEEE Ultrasonics Symp., Netherlands, 18 – 21 September 2005, pp 1311-1314.

7. “Growth and characterization of c-axis oriented LiNbO3 film on a transparent conducting Al:ZnO inter-layer on Si”, V.Gupta, P. Bhattacharya, Yu. I. Yuzyuk, R.S. Katiyar, Monika Tomar and K. Sreenivas; J. Mater. Res., 19 (2004) pp. 2235 – 2239.

8. “Optical wave-guiding and birefringence properties of sputtered Zinc Oxide thin films on glass”, N.Mehan, Monika Tomar, V.Gupta & A.Mansingh, Opt. Mater., 27(2004) 241-48

9. “Temperature coefficient of elastic constants of SiO2 over-layer on LiNbO3 for a temperature stable SAW device”, Monika Tomar, V. Gupta, A.Mansingh and K.Sreenivas; J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. , vol. 36, (2003) pp. 1773 - 1777.

10. “Material parameters of rf magnetron sputtered SiO2 thin films for temperature stable SiO2/LiNbO3 SAW devices”, Monika Tomar, V. Gupta & K.Sreenivas, Oral Presentation at IEEE Ultrason. International Symp., Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, 2003, pp. 204 – 207.

11. “Improvements in the temperature stability of an IDT/ZnO/fused-quartz thin film SAW device with ZnO over-layer”, Monika Tomar, Vinay Gupta and K. Sreenivas, Oral Presentation at IEEE Ultrason. International Symp., Hawaii, USA, 2003, pp. 901 – 904.

12. “Waveguiding in highly c-axis oriented zinc oxide thin films deposited by rf magnetron sputtering”, N. Mehan, Monika Tomar, V. Gupta and A.Mansingh, 6th Intl. conf. on Opto-electronics, Fibre Optics & Photonics (Photonics 2002), TIFR, Mumbai,16-18 Dec. 2002

13. “Temperature stability of c-axis oriented LiNbO3/SiO2/Si thin film layered structures”, Monika Tomar, V. Gupta, A. Mansingh and K.Sreenivas, J. Phys. D, 34 (2001) 2267-73.

14. “Theoretical Studies on LiNbO3/Sapphire layered structure with SiO2 over-layer for zero TCD SAW device applications”, Monika Tomar, V. Gupta & K. Sreenivas, Proc. of IEEE-UFFC Intl. Conf. (Oral Presentation) held at Atlanta, USA (2001), pp. 265-268.

15. “Si/SiO2/LiNbO3/IDT/LiTaO3 layered structure with reduced TCD for Acousto-Optic Device application”, Photonics-2000, Monika Tomar and K. Sreenivas, Proc. of Photonics-2000 Intl. Conf., IIT Kharagpur, INDIA, Dec. 2000, pp. 771-773.

16. “LiNbO3 thin film SAW devices with zero TCD”, Monika Tomar, Arijit Chowdhuri, Vinay Gupta & K. Sreenivas, NSFD-XII, Poster presentation, I.I.Sc., Bangalore, Dec 2003

17. “Low frequency ZnO thin film SAW device fabrication” Monika Tomar, S. Kumar, Vinay Gupta, A.Mansingh & K.Sreenivas, NSFD-XII, Poster session, I.I.Sc, Bangalore, Dec2003

18. “C-axis oriented LiNbO3 films on SiO2/Si for temperature stable SAW device applications” National symp. on science & tech. of vacuum and thin films, Monika Tomar, P.Sharma, V. Gupta and K. Sreenivas, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in 2001 (5-7 September).

19. “Theoretical studies on Si/SiO2/LiNbO3/LiTaO3 heterostructure for high performance acousto-optic device application”, NSFD-XI, Oral Presentation, Monika Tomar and K. Sreenivas, Jammu, Nov. 2000.

20. “Si/SiO2/LiNbO3/IDT/LiTaO3 layered structure with reduced TCD for Acousto-Optic Device application”, Photonics-2000, Monika Tomar and K.Sreenivas Poster Presentation, IIT Kharagpur, Dec. 2000.

21. “RF Sputtered Zinc-oxide & Aluminium Nitride thin films for SAW device applications” P. Sharma, Monika Tomar, R.Nayak, V.Gupta, A.Mansingh & K.Sreenivas, International conf. and Exhibition on Ultrasonics (ICEU-99), National Physical Laboratory, Delhi, 1999.

22. “Growth of vertically aligned array of Ferroelectric PbTiO3 Nanorods by Pulsed Laser Deposition”, S.Shandilya, Monika Tomar, K.Sreenivas, R.S.Katiyar & V.Gupta, Indo-Australia Symp. on Multifunctional Nanomaterials, Nanostructures & Applications(MNNA 2007), Dept. of Physics & Astrophysics, Univ. of Delhi, Delhi-07, 19-21 Dec. 2007, p. 64.

23. “Theoretical studies of SAW and Acousto-optic characteristics of LiNbO3 and Diamond based temperature stable multilayered structures”, Swati Shandilya, Monika Tomar, K. Sreenivas and V.Gupta, presented at Mini-Colloquia on "Compact Modeling of advance MOSFET structures and mixed mode applications", Delhi Univ. South Campus, N. Delhi, organized by IEEE-EDS Delhi Chapter under Distinguished Lecturer Program,5-6 Jan.2008