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This page is intended for those who want to practice on how to add information on wikis for people to access.To get started go to then you will be required to open an account.


Once you have opened your account, click on you name on the top of the page.Then once the page has opened click edit then on the page that will open write "the name of the page". THEN YOU HAVE CREATED THE PAGEThe click on the name of the page. now you can type, you have your own page.This kind work requires you to practice every day you can write about anything you want.IF you want to write in bold you type two quotations the word you want to appear in bold and close with two quotations .To make headings you use the = sign EXAMPLE

  • = headind1=
  • == heading2==
  • ===heading3===
  • ====heading====

This is how you add headings to anything you are writing about.Listing and numbering you use the asteric sign * for example ,follow the above format on heading numbers. Remember not to forget your password and user name for you to access the wikieducator site.