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Contact-new.svg Mumba M. Michael
Mumba M. Michael
Employer:Evelyn Hone College
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Today is: 7, October 2022


My full names are Michael Mainde Mumba. I was born in the year 1982 in the beautiful and tourist Town of Livingstone on the Third of June. I am the fourth born in a family of seven, hence, I have six siblings. Among these are two brothers, one older and the other younger, and four sisers, two older and the other two younger. In other words, I lie exactly in the middle of everyone and am the point of symmetry of all the siblings in the family.

The first born is a beautiful lady called Catherine, a statistician by profession, who is closely flanked by a humble gentleman by the name of Sylvester who happens to be Civil Engineer with a Master of Engineering in Water and Environmental Engineering. Naomi is the third in line and the fifth is a gentleman who answers to the name of Colin. Ingrid Caroline is the last but second and the last born is Karen Miyoba.

I have lived most of my life in Lusaka and as result, my primary education was done also in Lusaka at Woodlands A School from 1989 to 1995. My Secondary education on the other hand was done in the southern province in Monze District at Canisius High School in Chisekesi and Chikuni village in particular.This was between 1996 and 2000.

I thereafter qualified for enrollment at the University of Zambia the follwing year where I did my graduate degree in Computer Sciences, completing in the year 2005 and and hadmy graduation ceremony in 2006 on the 9th of June, which was six days after my 24th birthday.I am currently working at Evelyn Hone College Of Applied Arts and Comerce and I have been there since September 2006.


I am Computer Scientist as I hold Bachelor's Degree in Computer Sciences from UNZA and am lecturing computer related matter at Evelyn Hone College.


I hope to obtain and have a full grasp of the knowledge that will enable meto become a highly proficient WikiBuddy to great level of accomplishment so as to be one who is comptetent in delivering wiki materials on the web and open source.


I posses a high affinity for digesting materials, text or graphic, that are scientifically biased. In particular, mathematics holds a high appeal to my intellect as well as electronics and computers.

I also have a great interest in sport and in particular, Soccer happens to be my favourite. I like playing it apart from watching it on regular basis. Athletics do have the ability to grab my attention as well.

A simplified list of interests is as follows:

  1. Playing and Watching Soccer
  2. Reading Scientific Literature
  3. Studying and Solving Mathematical Problems
  4. Spending Time with good friends
  5. Spending time with my close family
  6. Surfing the World Wide Web
  7. Playing Computer games
  8. Sharing knowledge
  9. Educational Research

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