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My life around the web

Here I was thinking life was easy with the internet and all. I thought to myself now I can breeze through email, social networking etc.

=Web 20 training=

But lo and behold, the Web 2.0 for Development Training just showed me that I have a very loooooooong way to go and that there is so much technology out there to learn, use and make life really really easy.

What I learnt today

Today I learnt about Real Simple Syndication (RSS), Social Bookmarking and wikis. I can now hold my own among 'technology savvy society). Hyppie Life is Good.

Botswana Districts

  • Kgalagadi
  • Gantsi
  • Central
  • South East
  • Southern
  • Chobe
  1. North East
  2. North West
  3. Kweneng
  4. Kgatleng