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About me

The young Developer

My name is Mlamuli Zondo , born in 1991 in Durban where i attended from a primary called Windy Hieghts , then i did my high school in Clair wood secondary. In 2011 i started Varsity in Mangosuthu university of Technology and will be finishing here in 2014.

I am very much interested in Technology and developing apps. Also teaching others on how to go about developing , The languages i major in are Java, C# and xaml .


You Might Have been wondering how to go about creating a simple hello word app for windows store ,using any language of your choice , of course It should be within the given languages such as c++, c#,vb with xaml or java script with html 5 and etc.

here i will be i will be giving you fast and good tips on :

  • how to go about creating your own app .
  • I will also start by introducing visual studio 2012 .net 4.5 and some of the new fresh stuff out there for you