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I do the following with love: Training on technology applications in teaching and learning; providing consultancy and training to develop self-learning materials (print and non-print); designing assessment tools and procedures; coordinating, monitoring and evaluation of academic programs and projects; and editing journals and publications.

I love to do the following: Conversion of print material to web-based learning environment, conduct research, write papers for knowledge sharing, design appropriate e-learning solutions, provide counselling and guidance to learners, discuss and share new information/knowledge with others.

I am not a person who can be described as a techie; rather I am a learning designer and a facilitator, who can make the most use of technology. I seek challenging and engaging environment and open to discuss new ideas and opportunities in Managerial, Teaching and Research career and consultancy.

After having faced multiple times the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) in the Windows environment, I am more inclined to Open Source, and would like to write a book on "Open Source Software in Education and Training" that would empower small institutions to devote more time to issues related to teaching and learning rather than to technology per se.

I would also like to be in educational software development teams, especially for distance learners, and I have some creative ideas too on this area. I also advise on educational multimedia development, and would like supervise/ advise PhD level research on the following areas/ topics:

  1. Development of a semantic web search and organization system using Ranganathan's classification system.
  2. Personal information management system using the human memory models.
  3. Predicting success of learners in distance learning systems through learning style, preference, attitude, and personality analyses.
  4. Learning and Interaction in face-to-face, distance and online learning.
  5. Pedagogy of interactions: learning designs that influence/ facilitate learning.
  6. Any other area on application of ICT in teaching learning situations.

I am also interested in short action research projects, such as:

  1. E-Learning in Asia (done)
  2. Student use of educational media in Asia
  3. Survey of Educational Web sites in India
  4. Training needs analysis in distance education in India/Asia. (Done)
  5. Any other area of interest related to Distance education in general.