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Instructions for Day 4

Go to the sandbox you created under your User page. (See this Activity on the previous page.)

Copy the following sentence or something similar: This word is bold and this word is italics.

Summary from Nicholos Kimolo Audio (paraphrased)

1. vision of creating and mobilizing Africa to produce content

2. wikis and sharing of content immense benefit for Africa as a whole

3. can be used by wnyone who wishes to use it (easy to read, easy to use and easy to do)

4. collaboration of like minded people

5. extends original content and adds value to it

6. content stays alive and grows from each others contribution

7. Africans have many stories to share (sharing stories allows people to open their doors to each others lives)

This resonates with me because my focus in corporate education is the following

To create a healthy environment where people can participate in their own learning through conversation and collaboration

The content developed for this course

I'm looking to create the following

resources for using Virtual Worlds in Corporate Education

There is not alot developed for business as a whole, so I plan to focus my search in the education field.

I'm looking to offer this site as a resource for a group I belong to. I hope we will all be able to build from it.