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Enriching The Repertoire of an Effective Teacher

A Lesson introducing a concept of Models, Strategies and Methods to equip teachers with effective ways of reaching diverse learners

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By the end of this lesson, learners will:

  • Have an understanding of the 3 main concepts of Mastery of Teaching: models, strategies and methods.
  • Identify characteristics of the main models and align them with the appropriate strategies and methods.
  • Make informed decisions about the choice of teaching


1. Warming Up Activity:

What do you think?

2. Review of the Dominant Educational theories

Resource: Learning/Teaching Theories

3. Discussion of the reading material on Models, Strategies and Methods.

Resource: Instructional Models, Strategies, Methods, and Skills

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Working in groups to identify the models strategies and methods using the provided handout.

Resource: Five Circles of Learning and Teaching Handout