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I am Prof.G.Mikunthan, working as Senior Professor in Agricultural Biology at the Department of Agricultural Biology, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Jaffna, Ariviyal Nagar, Kilinochchi Sri Lanka. I have specialized in Plant protection and Invertebrate Pathology. I am very much interested works associated with the farmers especially to help them in farming. I involve research projects in 'organic farming, Food security especially promoting through Home gardens, biological control of pests, Mobile Learning on financial literacy by empowering rural farming women- a Commonwealth of Learning Project through Open University of Sri Lanka and Mobitel Pvt Ltd. My life long ambition is to invent technologies to the small scale farmers and for sustainable farming through promoting organic agriculture. I am also interested in "Nurturing the nature" and to promote native medicine. Especially to safe guard the endangered plant species which have medicinal properties. Let us give a big hand to safeguard the natural environment to live our siblings in a healthy and non polluted environment. In addition, I have also served as Director of Centre for Quality Assurance, and very much interested the internalizing of quality assurance in host institution. Having experience with Institutional Review as well as Program Reviews, currently involving to comply with the regulations
. I can be contacted at the
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