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What is stress

Stress is the physical response of a person that creates unpleasant feeling like

  • dizziness
  • forgetfullness
  • etc.

People having stress usually feel a headache and blurred vision. There are various causes of stress depending on the person's day to day activities. The content written hear under claims that stress is manageable. It provides information on each aspect of the

  • causes
  • signs as well as
  • prevention

of stress. Please go on reading. For further information please read Understanding Stress

What causes stress

Uncontrollble Emotions

" This is when an inividual is not able to manage how they respond to various life situations that demand decision making.This is the number one leading cause of stress"


" Many people dont believe that depression contributes to stress. Research by medics has shown that individuals who have been depressed for long stand high chances of being stress and projecting their stress to others"

Signs of stress

The following are the signs if not checked that can be manifested to indicate stress

  • Hallucinating
  • Rage
  • Sleepless nights
  • Excessive alcohol intake

Prevention of stress

The following mechanisms can be used to prevent stress. Remember, you are not limited to the list below, but the mechanisms below are highly effective in reducing stress:

  • Exercise - Think of any sport you enjoy most and practise it.
  • Resting and focusing will help you to forget about your stress.
  • Professional help is available, when you think, things are getting hard to endure. Generally, there are counsellors and psychologist at local hospitals who can help you free of charge.
  • Share your problems with friends, they might advise you. It is vital to let someone you can relate to know about your situation.


If stress is repeated...