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My Simple Profile

This is about my simple profile

Birth and primary school Education History

My name is Emmanuel Selestine Mdidi, I was born in Dar es Salaam and was raised by my beloved parents in Tawa Village Morogoro Region. I joined primary education at Tawa Primary school in 1988 and accomplished in 1994 . I took my O - Level Secondary Education at Matombo Secondary school from 1995 to 1998.
  • I love my village
  1. Because it is beautifu
  2. Because there is always no hunger
  3. Because always people live in harmony and great love

Secondary School and University Education History

In 1999 I joined Advanced Level Secondary Education at Songea Boys Secondary School ( We used to call it Box 2)and accomplished by being awarded An Advanced Certificate for Secondary Education Examination - ACSE) in 2001. In 2002 I joined Missionaries of Africa and came out of the congregation in 2004. 2005 I joined St. Augustine University of Tanzania and graduated by being awarded BA in Mass Communication November 2008
  • I enjoyed Secondary Education
  1. Because in Secondary Education I made a lot of friends
  2. Because I began to understand what is life and did what is needed to do to make good life
  3. Because I started to live away from my parents

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Work Experience

November 2008 I joined The East Africa News Paper as a News Correspondence. March 2009 I joined The Tanzania Federation of Cooperatives as a Public Relations Officer, in the department of Communication under the directorate of Cooperative Development; the position which I am still holding till this minute you are reading this simple profile.
  • I love my work
  1. becuase it gives me money
  2. Because it gives me a lot of experience
  3. Because there is a great team work

my links

  • OCW what is to be done next
  • Copyleft my work is to be left alone
  • WIPO win the most important note
  • TFC it i the place where I am working
  • EAFF It a regional farmer organizaation
  1. TFC Together we build our economy
  2. EAFF The voice of farmers in Eastern Africa
  3. KINU Capacity Building Cooperation and Innovation
  4. CTA Centre for Technical Assistance