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My Profile

My name is Maria Cal and I come from the beautiful village of Yo Creek in the Orange Walk District. I come from a family of five. I'm the first born daughter of three.

Professional Background

I have taught at San Pedro, Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker R.C. School


I attended Yo Creek Sacred Heart R.C. School. On secondary school I attended Muffles Collage and finished my tertiary education on Corozal Junior Collage. Presently I am perusing my bachelors degree in Biology Education at the University of Belize.

My Interests

I am interested in:

  1. Meeting knew people
  2. Traveling
  3. Snorkeling
  4. Dancing
  5. Completing my education at UB
  6. Having a family of my own


I am a teacher and have been teaching for three years in Caye Caulker R.C. School. I can't wait to finish my education so that I could go back and teach.


I believe that with dedication, patience, motivation and a good education, we will be able to help the children of Belize to prosper and to achieve knowledge in school. It is up to us teacher to show the good example to our children of Belize so that they become respectful and productive citizens of Belize.So lets change our children s future for a better tomorrow.


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My Projects

My Lesson Plan[[1]]

My Sandbox

U.B. Website[2]

U.B. Faculty Page [3]

U.B. Student Page [4]

Story Telling For Children[5]

Student Page[[6]]

Faculty Page[[7]]


  • Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Spanish


  1. Form I
  2. Form II
  3. Form III

My Reflection

After performing the task of uploading and fixing my profile I learned a lot from it. I think this is really interesting and people actually learn a lot from it. At first I didn't even knew how to upload a file so it could be seen on the net but after during this i learned many things that I did not knew I could do. All in all, I would say that this exercise was challenging but very interesting at the same time. I would recommend other to try it because it's a fun way to learn new things.