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Welcome to Mbarek Akaddar EL4C25 Workshop participant


My Profile

Professional Background

I have been an EFL teacher since 1988 .I have taught English to Moroccan High school students of different options. I have taught at the Faculty of Science and Technologies since 2001 .In 2007 , my interactive CD Rom for teaching English through songs was awarded theNational prize of innovation in teaching.I havebecome a Webhead this year though I have attended three EVO sessions . In 2008 , i was named iEARN Master Teacher in making digital documentaries.

Personal Background

I am married and father of two kids : Yassir 10 years old and Youssra 5 years old .

My Interests

I am mainly interested in integrating ICT in EFL teaching in Morocco.


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My Projects

Web 2.0 tools

My Reflection

If you know , share ; If you don't know ask

Feedback & Notes from my WikiNeighbours

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