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Holy Mary Business School or the HBS in short is just one of the most widely known and top business colleges in south India including the region of Hyderabad. Our headquarter is in Ameerpet Hyderabad, India. With the great quality of system, facilities, trainers also competitive payments, we are very proud of being one of the most desired and also esteemed business academic institutions in India. The academy has set up wifi system in its university that is freely accessed by the college students. Moreover, if you are residing far from the university, it is very great for you that the school has very big dorms and student lodgings that are thoroughly equipped for your convenience. It has been evaluated first for its number 1 entrepreneurship Institute in India. Along with that, it possesses a wide range of connection that links up many divisions in 70 nations all over the globe. Come and visit us to discover and feel the most reliable quality of education and learning. Pay a visit to our internet site for more. Top business schools in India