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English Bagrut Project


(Comment.gif: Maya, get rid of the information you don't need of my instructions on how to do the project. --Nellie Deutsch 18:58, 15 March 2009 (UTC))

My project Title

The popular thing among the teenagers.

Research Question

Why is important for teenagers to be "in"?


Nellie Deutsch




Maya Berenshtein




Why did you remove your work? --Nellie Deutsch 18:23, 15 March 2009 (UTC)

Bagrut Oral Exam

Oral Bagrut Project Questions

Research Question- Why is it important for teenagers to be "in"?

Front Page

  • Title of Project
  • Research Question
  • Teacher's Name
  • School Name
  • Your Name
  • Date

My project Title: Popularity Among Teenagers Research Question- Why is it important for teenagers to be "in"? Teacher: Nellie Deutsch School : Ort-Guttman Name : Maya Berenshtein date: 26.2.2009


  • Introduce the topic and research question or questions
  • Purpose of the project: Reasons for choosing this topic
  • The steps you took in working on the project

The topic of the question is about teenagers that want attention from society. My question is why do teenagers want to be popular so much? I choose this question because I am interested why its so important to be popular. I want to show to the readers my point of view.


Writing the Body of an Essay

The answer to this question is simple. It's important for teenagers to be popular because they love it. They love the easy way to get friends. They love the simple way to be in the center and love to know the gossip and get all the attention from society. But when cool teenagers try to progress the scale of their popularity they don't see the rejected, lonely teenagers. The rejected teenagers feel insulted by the popular teenagers.Because they cool kids give different attitude . To be cool teenagers buy trademark, do what everybody else does. The qualities of cool teenagers are: great body, beauty, personality that fits everybody, to be funny, and to be strong. the characteristics that symbolize the nerds are: fat, ugly, study hard, dress unfashionably, to be weak These are the differences between the cool and the nerd teenagers The popular teenagers don't realize that they miss good friendship for life. However the nerds need to express them self that everyone will see there personality and don't surrender to the stronger of them.If the attitude will not change the hate will always be between them.


  • What solutions or conclusions have you come to.
  • Summary of your work on the topic

The solution or coclusions from my work that if the cool students will want to see the nerd side they will understend that the nerd are pepole too.They don't need to judge according to their first impression. The other side of the story,the nerd don't need to surrender, sceard from the strong side,the popular student. If they will go on with the steps that I mention,I think,with this situation will be some changes for the positive side.


  • The process of working on the project
    • What worked and what didn't work for you.
    • What was the experience like for you?

When I sterted my project,finding the question was hard to me the most.I didn't know about what I want to write,what the subject i want to show.But I think,take my time and choose to talk about the popularity among the students.I choose this subject because i think it's close to me and beause of that it was easy to me to write about that. The experience that I like from the work is to surf on the web,to be assisted by that.


Here is link to my survey:
and here is my survey results:


  • Books
  • Internet web sites
  • People you interviewed
  • TV or radio shows

Presentation of the Bagrut Project