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Futuristic Ltd Company Profile

Futuristic Ltd is a Kenyan IT firm that specializes in software development, eLearning, IT Security services,IT training and consultation. We are dedicated to providing innovative, result oriented and cost effective IT solutions to organizations not only in Kenya but the African continent as a whole. We have had the priviledge to offer our services to leading institutions across Africa our key motto being to understand, advise and deliver the best results to you.=Our products=Some of our products include Legal Case Management Systems (LCMS), Pont of Sale Systems (POS)Operations Management Systems (OMS),Hospital Management Systems (HMIS)===Our services=== We offer II Trainning, Consultation services,IT Security Services.Our detailed Futuristic [Portfolio] elaborates further.====Contacts==== Mr. Nicholas Kimolo
Tel:+254 20 2729313