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Introduction to my short massage

I am Mr Masoud research officer at KARI living in Zanzibar Ng'ambo areas. Married having four children.

main body

the objective of this massage

I am good cameraman and editor making documentory films to educate my collegue and my people as well. By doing so I am felling better and useful to my nation Tanzania and fully participating in development move for the Africans. However I feel that when the move get on I will be not there to see what the development has done to the Africans because we are too slow and not ready.

image:200px|right|thumb|water pond

The call for those who are ready to act on development for Africans

Please find me for the collaboration on documentaries for African Development. With you Africa can make a little. without you we can make some. With us together we can make all today before I had gone.

Alert and time frame

Those who say less are intelligents and opposite is true. Those whom understand from few word are geniuos. I know you have understand me

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