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Road Works.svg Warning: this is a work in progress. Expect frequent changes to these pages.

About Myself

My name is Masiye Mwanza and am a very proud Zambian national. I completed
my secondary school education at Jacaranda School in 2001. In mid 2002,i enrolled at
Zambia Center For Accountancy Studies(ZCAS) and studied NCC which is basically
an Information Technology which is examined by
Metropolitan University in London. I've currently completed:

My collage education

  • International Diploma in Computer Systems (IDCS)
  • International Advanced Diploma in Computer Systems (IADCS)

My Work

Am currently working for Zambia Center For Accountancy Studies(ZCAS)
as a Computer Lab Assistant. I actually worked at ZCAS on student attachment
same time in 2006 for about 6 months.

My Passions (What i like)


Why i joined this workshop

I joined this workshop to enhance my knowledge on Open source software such
as Open office etc. Having acquired this knowledge it will help me in my day to day
job which is helping users in the labs & other work stations. In the near future open
softwares will wildly be used in the labs and me having attended this workshop will
help my efficacy. The open office in the near future will be installed on almost all the
computers in the computer labs & this knowledge will help me help users in the
computer labs.

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