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Masele's professional autobiography

Knowledge for Management Excellence

About me

This is Masele, J.J professional autobiography. A paragraph is about my self. I work as an Assistant lecturer at the University of Dar es salaam Business School. The university is located at Mwalimu Nyerere Mlimani main Campus- Ubungo area with box address 35046 Dar es salaam-Tanzania.

My professional background

I am a Management Information Systems professional interested in Information Systems Management issues as a way to improve organizational business performance and competitive advantage.

We have the following departments in our school including;

  • General management, where I belong
  • Marketing
  • Finance, and
  • Accounting

Professionally we are guided by

  1. integrity
  2. hard working
  3. team work spirit and,
  4. socially responsiveness, among others

My research interests

My Interests have recently changed to a desire to research on the use of Internet to transact business, i.e E-business. Current research is centered on the so called green IT (that is making IT use ecologically and energy efficiently), in order to make what we are doing are actually green for sustainable development.


For contact please visit me at the New UDBS building Room number 429.