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Home economics is a very wide subject which is not only taught at schools but is practiced at home and at work. It has 3 main branches and these are:

  • Home management
  • Food s and Nutrition
  • Clothing, textile and related arts.


I s a branch of Home economics that deals with looking after ourselves, caring for our homes i.e. by sweeping, dusting, polishing and the making of household budgets so that we do not run out of management.

  1. We study hygiene and grooming which deals with cleanliness of the whole body and taking care of ourselves from head to the toe.
  2. To be well groomed in appearance means to be neatly and correctly dressed with a good hair style and make-up.
  3. We also study mother craft and child development. Here we learn about looking after and feeding of babies and toddlers, expectant and nursing mothers e.t.c.
  4. We also learn about how important play means to child and the language development.

FOODS AND NUTRITION Is a branch of Home economics that deals with choice, preparation and serving of food that we eat daily. We also study the types of food and what work it does to the body.

CLOTHING, TEXITILE AND RELATED ARTS Here we learn about choosing different materials for clothes and household articles, dress making, repairing or mending, washing and ironing our clothes, planning a wardrobe and how clothes can be stored.

Therefore Home economics should be studied by both male and female students so that everybody will have the knowledge of Home economics in order to take care of themselves well.


  1. Teaching, one becomes s a teacher and teachers in colleges or secondary schools.
  2. Catering, cooking for and looking after people in boarding schools, hostels restaurants and canteens
  3. Dietetics, one becomes a dietician and works in Hospitals to prepare special meals for patients
  4. Business, one can go into private business i.e. cake making and selling bread, pastries e.t.c.
  5. Nutritionist, one becomes a nutritionist and works in research institutes or teaches in nursing schools.
  6. Hotel management, with the study of H.E, one can specialize in institutional and hotel management.
  7. Interior decorators are those who furnish houses for other people. They choose the furniture, fabrics and carpets to create an attractive room.
  8. Dress design making or tailoring, the readymade dresses or clothes we wear are made by some people who studied dress design making or tailoring.
  9. Food processor, one works as a food processor with the knowledge of H.E. where one studied food preparation.
  10. Journalism, these write newspapers and magazines including articles on H.E. so those who write the above articles need the knowledge of H.E.
  11. Nursery Nursing, they look after children. A person who has studied mother craft does this well.
  12. Hair presser