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We need to proceed quickly on the beneficiary count. This will help us meet the deadline.

Wishing the team well.

Team members will be expected to prepare for same.

Communication agents have to informed in time.


1]. Support the re-establishment of banana plantation with Chisobe group in Luangwa by utilizing savings (from other activities) and forex gains. ChildFund Zambia and Luangwa Federation will also contribute to acquisition of land and soil testing.

The Federation Team visited the land that is being proposed for a new banana plantation for the Chisobe youth. The land is about 2 hectares land belongs *to a couple (Mr. and Mrs. Ngulube) and is located about 2km away from the main road opposite the existing the plantation for the Chisobe youth. The two parties agreed that the selling price will be reduced to ZMK4,500,000 from ZMK6, 000,000. It was further agreed that the land will only be purchased if it *supports banana growth. In this *regard soil samples were collected from the field and are being analyzed at the University of Zambia. The results for soil testing will be ready by the end of May 2012. If the results come out positive then the federation will go ahead and purchase the land.


  1. Guavas
  2. mangoes
  3. apples
  • cows
  • goats
  • pigs

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