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Contact-new.svg Marloqueo Sacul
Marloqueo Sacul
Occupation:Student Teacher
Other roles:Church leader and Sunday school teacher

My Profile

Professional Background

I have any experience in the teaching profession but currently, I go twice a week at a primary school in my community to assist and gain some experience in the classroom. I have taught several lessons in order for me to get acquainted with the students that I will work with for the upcoming Internship.


I am currently pursuing an Associate Degree in Primary Education at the University of Belize (UB). I started UB in the year 2007 and will be finished in the year 2010. Prior to coming to UB, I attended Belmopan Comprehensive High School in the year 2002 - 2006. My major then was Business and I successfully graduated with a Business Diploma. Now my vision is to successfully finish the Associate program at UB and graduate with an Associate degree in Primary Education.

My Interests

  1. Playing Music
  2. PLaying Football
  3. Listening to music
  4. Read the Bible
  5. Translating


First of all, my main interest is school and to achieve my goals in life. I am looking forward to finish up my studies and if God permits, I would continue to work my way up and get more educated. Apart from gaining knowledge, I envision educating my future students and instilling valuable knowledge and values in them so as to be appreciative, successful, and active citizens in the future. I also envision giving back to my community and be of great help in whatever development it might be moving forward to.


In my personal life, I like to play music at church and try to be a good person wherever I go and in all I do. I also like sports and socializing; and getting to know new people. One of my main personal interests is to get to know more about God and be an active child of God. I try to share my faith to others and also try to make a change in the lives of others by simply being good to them, show care and share about God.


My Projects

My Sandbox

Marloqueo Sacul


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My Reflection